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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

ELOS - Syneron Medical Ltd

...Industry Group: Medical-Systems/Equip

Market Cap - $347.78
PEG Ratio (5 yr) - 0.70
P/E Ratio (fwd) – 13.90

ROE – 68%

75% held by insiders
21 million shares outstanding
5 million float

Stock IPO on August 6th 2004 at $12.00

3 yr EPS – 539%
3 yr Sales – 351%

I decided to post this stock because it has so many similar characteristics of ELAB when that stock first debuted on the markets as an IPO a few years back. I owned ELAB and made a healthy profit.

Remember, things repeat themselves in the market and I see many similarities. This is by no means a recommendation to buy but keep this one on your watch list.

I did not post a chart with technical analysis because the stock has only been listed for one month – too short a time to establish a common pattern.

NOTE: the stock does have a high pole warning on the P&F – this is negative. I like the potential longer term 6-12 months minimum. ELAB took 2 years to establish its tremendous run.

I am looking to establish a position (longer term than my usual technical buys). I hope emotions are controlling me here since I had that relationship with ELAB. I'll keep my selling trigger tight if things go south.



At 12:03 PM, Anonymous stock forum said...

Heading over to your new site to check it out. You have some great posts here albeit a little outdated actually looking for a little penny stock trading ideas


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