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Friday, January 07, 2005

Our Daily and Weekly Screens

…I have been publishing MSW weekly screens for free since late 2003 on several key website forums on the internet. Occasionally I would post a daily screen on a few of my threads but not as often as the weekly screens. As of this week (01/09/05), I will no longer be able to publish the information for free and expect the members of the community to accept that policy. The only way to access the screens will be here at MSW. The screens are now exclusive to community members and will become more personal as members become more interactive with questions on their own portfolios.

Occasionally I will post the daily and weekly commentary on the home page for free but the actual stock screens will never appear on the home page. They will only be found in the member’s area of the website which requires an e-mail username and password (Daily and Weekly Screens Page and Archive Pages). I encourage questions or comments on the blog as it becomes more involved with current day-to-day activity instead of only lessons or articles. I will answer member questions or comments on future blog posts and I can always be inspired by a member to conduct a specific case study.

Starting next week, the case studies for the remainder of the month will be analysis on stocks that are in current patterns or may be about to breakout. All case studies will be based off of a specific stock that was listed in a daily or weekly screen from that week.

Again, I am here to help you, the more ideas or questions I get, the better the blog, case studies and screens will be for everyone. MSW will maintain its goal of becoming the best investment education tool on the web today. I can be reached through comments on the blog or my MSW e-mail. I try to answer every e-mail as quickly as possible in some form.

Thank you and enjoy the weekend.

p.s. – at 3:50pm, the general market looks flat for the most part. Complete weekly analysis will be done by Sunday night. Keep in mind that we don’t perform a daily screen on Friday as noted on the FAQ page.


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