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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where do I get Institutional Numbers?

I have received almost two dozen e-mails asking where institutional numbers can be found such as the ones I placed on the most recent case study. These numbers can be obtained by any investor on numerous websites on the internet for a fee to that specific research house. I personally use the numbers from Vickers Research as I have told many of you individually through e-mail. Several types of accounts can be purchased through Vickers Research depending on the amount of information that the individual investor is looking for. The fees vary greatly and can become quiet expensive for the novice investor. A standard research plan for their services can range between $100-$200 per month and higher. I do not have any affiliation with Vickers and have never endorsed their products. I am just spreading the knowledge and allowing everyone in the community to research one of the many research houses in the country that collects institutional data each year.

Daily Graphs, a sister company of Investor’s Business Daily, also offers basic institutional sponsorship numbers on their charts but they lack in expanded detail. The complete package for Daily Graphs does cost over $1000 per year. Each tool can be purchased a la carte for a smaller fee but I don’t have the details in front of me at the moment. You all can venture to their website for the price structure.

Research tools can become very expensive for the novice investor that is not making a significant amount of money in the market. I would suggest to hold off and not purchase these tools until you are making a consistent profit using the tools on the web that are currently free such as earnings and sales on numerous websites. This additional information will be overwhelming if you have not mastered the basics of investing taught through our philosophy. I made consistent profits early on in my investing career without ever looking at institutional numbers but I now study these numbers and use them to help me make buy and sell decisions. I suggest one step at a time. I added that case study to let you know that the learning process never ends and you will always find new tools to add to your arsenal.

As I say on the FAQ page of our website, MSW is not affiliated with any company within the financial industry or any company in any industry for that matter. We use several tools from many companies around the country to produce our screens and case studies but we do not interact or corroborate with anyone at these companies. I do not accept links on this website and I do not want banner ads plastered on any of my pages as I would like to keep the site clean of any outside influence. The only links that I do provide are for books that I strongly recommend or free websites that allow you to use financial data or charts.



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