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Friday, August 19, 2005

What Keeps me Going

...I wanted to share a letter that I just received as I opened my e-mail. Many of you send me e-mails telling me about success stories and some disappointing stories but they all interest me. The market is my passion but reading letters like this really keep me going over the long term, each and every night, grinding out my research and organizing it for everyone in the community. So continue to send me e-mails for your questions and definitely share your stories with me because I am very interested!

Member E-mail:

"The bigger success for me would be to hear stories from the community that you witnessed the data coming in and took action and locked in gains when things started to turn south."

The above quote was from your weekly report. Here's a success story for you, Chris. I bought Well Choice after it had pulled back. I sold it again for an 8% gain, before it started to drop. I heeded your warnings. I also had bought SSNC but my timing was off. After a couple of weeks, I sold for a slight (.5%) loss. I'm ahead for the year! It's really great.


My Response:

That is wonderful! I am so glad for your results and can see that you are making great progress. I can’t help but think that you will do even better when we get a solid rally in the market. I have a great community because the majority of the people seem to “get-it”, they are starting to understand how investing really works. So many beginners believe that losing is a bad thing but it is not. When stocks drop, it is for a reason and it usually means to get out and lock in gains or cut your losses short.

I enjoy speaking with you every month, so keep the e-mail coming.



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