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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My two warnings on Cutera - CUTR

...With CUTR currently down 34% at 2:30 pm, I would like to take the time to repost what I wrote to everyone the past two Saturdays on the MSW Index:

“CUTR – 42.35: Up another 0.55% to our top gainer since the start of the rally. I urge investors to take some profits or protect them at this time. Rating: Hold (protect profits with a physical stop)” – 89% gain to that point

This is what I wrote two Saturday’s ago:
“CUTR – 42.12: Up 9.29% this week as the stock has gained 63.83% since the start of the rally (our top performer in this young rally) Rating: Hold (protect profits with a physical stop)”

I hope holders of this stock listened to what I was saying!


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