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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Recent MSW Index Results

...I was recently asked about new additions to the MSW Index (weekly screens) over the past couple of months. In response to the question, I sent this member the results of our stocks from October and November (2005). I told him that our stocks typically take a couple of months before they start to show solid gains. After going through a brief analysis of the stocks added to the screens in October and November, I wasn’t surprised to see an 85% success ratio for the 13 stocks selected. Of the 13 stocks added to the screens during this period of time, only one has been removed to date (PWAV) due to a loss. The stock was removed due to a violation of the Index 10% sell rule. Another stock has been removed (KNOT) but it was showing a 2% gain when it was cut yesterday. I decided to remove the stock before the very small gain turned into a loss. SSAG is the only stock from these two months to currently show a loss at 1%.

Together, the 13 stocks have an average gain of 26%, very impressive if you ask me. Below is a simple table to display the results of the stocks added to the MSW Index in October and November:

*Stocks in red have been removed from the MSW Index

(LMS): $18.32 $27.69 51%
(SSAG): $17.60 $17.38 -1%
(GMXR): $26.27 $35.87 37%
(PWAV) : $12.99 $11.26 -13%

(ESRX): $61.16 $89.82 47%

(CRDN): $37.89, $46.62, 23%
(KNOT): $11.37, $11.62, 2%
(CTRN): $27.40, $40.80, 49%
(TWGP): $18.53, $22.21, 20%

(HANS): $57.63, $85.66, 49%
(NWRE): $20.30, $27.15, 34%

(NETL): $23.56, $27.15, 15%
(OXPS): $21.81, $27.36, 25%

Be patient with our MSW Index stocks and don’t expect them to gain 25% or more within a few weeks, this is not very typical. Also keep in mind that we don’t day trade, we trade within a time from of three months to twelve months (or more in certain situations). If a stock violates a sell rule, we sell immediately, even if it is only one day after we purchase the stock.

If the start of 2006 is as kind as the fall of 2005, I hope the recent editions to the MSW screen will provide us with similar results in two months.



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