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Friday, October 22, 2004

Google - Can they do anything wrong?

Google reported Thursday and missed expectations by $0.11: Earnings were at $0.45 per share, up 25% vs. a year ago. Revenues rose by 105% beating views. Shares were up about 8% in after hours trading.

We can now see how the after hours trading would pan out today. A huge gap up on extremely large volume has sent Google up 16% today. Too bad Google can't help the rest of the market as it is "dead as a doornail".

The Google gap up started the day at $170.43 The stock closed the day yesterday at $149.38 Currently at noon, it is holding around $174 (up 16% for the day). What a run since the IPO.
Anyone could have gotten in at $98 to $100, too bad I wasn't one of them!

I have seen GOOG come up on my preliminary screens but I was holding off until they reported earnings and formed a pattern I was comfortable with. Sometimes, you miss a big winner but that will not keep me down. With portions of my cash tied up in three separate positions, I am fine with the current scenario.

I decided to buy into another IPO named Syneron Medical (ELOS) and have not made the types of gains Google has given it's shareholders.

ELOS is having a rough day today although the volume has stayed low. I will keep my eye on this stock and will always be ready to cut a loss. As you all know, I love the medical sector and I have made a lot of money in the past with companies in this area. I will stay patient and wait until the stock tells me what to do. I just hope that ELAB-ELOS relationship won't affect my emotions and I am not blinded by "hope". Time will tell, as for now, I will stay.

Back to Google, I love the site, I love the company and I love what I see in the stock, so why don't I own a piece of it?
Listen to me Google, set up a solid base and allow me to ride the next wave!



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