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Monday, March 20, 2006

Interesting Stock Market Links

As many of you know, I have been dealing with a death in the family so my research and analysis has been limited over the past week. Today’s blog post will contain some interesting stock links and information about a few MSW Index movers and shakers.

Movers today on the MSW Index:
BOT – up over 5% as we prepare to close trading for the day. The stock was up as high as $125 in intraday trading on above average volume.

STRL – up over 8% prior to the close today after Q4 earnings were released. Profits were up for the stock that has been trending above the moving average for several weeks.

NWRE – up almost 6% at 3:50pm as the stock challenges last week’s high

VIVO – up almost 8% as we set to close trading for the day. The stock moved on volume almost double the 50-d average.

On the downside:
TALX – down almost 8% as the stock was hit hard in heavy volume (looking to gain support at the 200-d m.a.) Remember what I said on the MSW Index; if it holds the 200-d m.a. as support, a trend buying opportunity exists. The stock has not violated the line since mid-2004.

A low priced stock to watch:
– I listed the stock as a risky trend play on Saturday and said: “a risky low priced stock that is looking to pop with support at the 200-d m.a.” The stock jumped more than 4% today to close slightly below the 50-d m.a. The (recent) weekly chart looks very similar to STRL with support at the 200-d moving average

While I am grieving with the family tonight and tomorrow with viewings and the mass, I wanted to draw your attention to some other excellent stock market blogs, articles and posts:

Cramer's Calls a Crap Shoot
Averaging the 1077 gains of 2.88% with 477 losses of 3.52% we get a whopping total gain of 0.5%.

Trader Mike: Stock Market Quick Links
Recent Stock Trading Related Links from Trader Mike (a great blog by the way).

Fickle Trader Blog
An excellent market blog from a market enthusiast with screens based on his proprietary market homework. I met Jon on the Richdad forms several years back.

Trend Following with CANSLIM
Jim, one of our own at MSW, using strategies from CANSLIM and long term trend following to obtain outstanding returns in stocks, commodities, and forex.

Has trading got tougher lately? Let's find out...
By Brett Steenbarger at (found through Trader Mike)

Money Management, Bet Sizing, Position Sizing All Mean the Same Thing
Money Management has many names: asset allocation, position sizing, bet size, portfolio heat, portfolio allocation or even risk control. It is terribly important for long term success. It is at the root of all trend following winners.

Trader Mike on Position Sizing
Position sizing could very well be the most important aspect of a trading system, yet, like expectancy, it's rarely covered in trading books.

Falkin Investing Organization
The FIO is a 501c status pending non profit organization dedicated to the stock market. Established in December 2005, the Organization was created as a way to connect traders of all experience levels across the globe without the spamming, bashing, or just an overwhelming presence of, "must buy products". I have gotten to know the president (slightly through e-mail), Blain Reinkensmeyer, over the past several months. He is a young, ambitious, entrepreneurial-minded person with a bright future following his passions. Good luck with the new website!



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