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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

YTD Performances

In the charts below, I have grouped together the performance in 2006 of the three main indexes, major world currencies, commodities, specific industries and some sector spdrs in the charts below. I have always found it interesting and sometimes useful to watch the performance of major market indexes, sectors and industries. Charts like these can serve as macro views of the general market but don’t ever use these types of charts to pinpoint potential market tops and bottoms. I use them to help confirm action among the individual stocks that I am looking to buy or sell. Secondary indicators is all they are in my opinion.

Major Indexes:
$INDU – Dow Jones Indu., 13.16%
$SPX – S&P 500, 10.33%
$COMPQ – NASDAQ, 6.35%

$GYX - GSCI Industrial Metals, 57.87%
$GPX - GSCI Precious Metals, 14.35%
$GOLD – Gold, 12.74%
$WTIC - Crude Oil, -3.65%
$GJX - GSCI Energy, -8.06%

$XBP - British Pound, 8.97%
$XEU – Euro, 6.09%
$XSF - Swiss Franc, 3.88%
$XJY - Japaneese Yen, -1.82%
$USD - US Dollar, -4.85%

US Industries
$XOI – Oil, 14.96%
$DRG – Drugs, 12.73%
$RLX – Retailers, 9.45%
$HCX - Health Care, 6.69%
$TRANQ – Transport, 6.42%
$SOX – Semiconductors, -7.31%

Select Sector SPDRs
XLU – Utilities, 16.25%
XLF – Financial, 13.39%
XLB – Materials, 11.77%
XLI – Industrial, 10.97%
XLK – Technology, 9.12%
XLV - Health Care, 7.66%




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Good performance scorecard by sector and indexes.

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