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Monday, September 18, 2006

Interesting Gaps from Friday

I will be watching a few gaps from Friday to see how they play out this week:

Interesting Gap Ups:
ADBE - $37.00 (gap near $33.65)
FMD - $61.45 (gap near $52.35)

Interesting Gap Downs:
AHG – $19.92 (gap near $22)
CVTI - $11.99 (gap near $12.75)
DCX - $49.36 (gap near $52.50)
LNCR - $36.02 (gap near $37.50) – already filled a $2.50
PEG - $62.00 (gap near $66)



At 2:12 AM, Anonymous Tim said...

Hi, I found your site via a message you left on the Rich Dad forums regarding an article I posted on my blog. It was titled 5 Reasons Robert Kiyosaki Is Wrong.

Your "rebuttal" to my comments are right on the money. I don't disagree with you at all. So I'm at a loss as to what this "kid" (me) needs to learn.

Please clarify, I'm interested to know. Thank you!

At 11:50 AM, Blogger Chris Perruna said...

I'll respond here and on the forum as this may confuse some people at this blog:

You say:
“Debt is debt regardless and debt is bad to have. You’re always better off not having debt. But, you know it’s odd… Kiyosaki himself says homes are a liability not an asset and yet he says debt to buy a house is good. Where’s the sense in that?”

Debt in an investment property or profitable business is intelligent in my opinion. Debt in a house is making the bank rich, not you. Yes you are most likely earning equity through appreciation but it is still taking money out of your pocket with no income coming back in. An investment property puts money in your pocket on top of the increased equity. A successful business with a loan (debt) is making the owner rich. There is a difference between good debt and bad debt. Credit cards and cars are bad debt! Debt that increases your net worth is very intelligent!

Point #4: Job security is good for employees, not business owners and investors. Not everyone wants to be an employee and you need to understand this concept. Besides, who has job security in someone else’s business? You have no control unless you have ownership.

Point #5: You say’ “…he doesn’t tell you how to do [anything].” Of course he does: He gets you to change your frame of mind – the rest is up to the individual. Would you like to be spoon fed everything in your life? I started MSW out of thin air and it has been very profitable to me and my family. It’s additional income based on my own research that I created from nothing. RK didn’t tell me how to do it; he just inspired me to do something.

Edison failed at inventing the light bulb about 10,000 times (I guess you consider him a failure). You have a lot to learn about this concept and others. Failure takes you to the next level if you learn from the mistakes because no one is perfect. Act perfect and I bet you get no where!

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Tim said...

“…he doesn’t tell you how to do [anything].” I didn't say that. That was a comment from the participants in the ABC News article.

And yet again...I never said failure was bad. Edison is clearly not a failure.


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